Tecnosix Red Coral

Product description

Capacitive resistive diathermy energy transfer device.

Tecnosix Red Coral is the first diathermy model manufactured by Sixtus Italia. 

Available both wheeled and portable with backpack-trolley for transport and use in any situation, from changing rooms on sports fields to physiotherapy studios. 

Tecnosix Red Coral

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  • Mã SP: Tecnosix Red Coral
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Technical characteristics

GWC registered patent: Generation Waveform Control.

  • Medical device class: II b:
  • Emission frequencies: 500-750-1000 Khz;
  • 300 W 3rd generation medical power supply;
  • Maximum power: 200 W;
  • Capacitive electrode output voltage: approx. 100 V;
  • Resistive electrode output voltage: approx. 150 V;
  • Capacitance of capacitive electrode: 400 pF;
  • Electrical protection: 2 5-A fuses;
  • Degree of protection: IP 20.
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