The Sonopulse II

The Sonopulse II Ibramed is a complete device ideal for use in Physiotherapy and Aesthetics, it has ultrasound and electrotherapy currents, allowing for combined therapy. It is lightweight and can be easily transported. An important differential of the Sonopulse II equipment is that it does not require other devices when performing combined therapy. It emits ultrasound and low or medium frequency electric current, it has everything you need to boost treatment results. In Rehabilitation, Sonopulse II performs combined therapy acting on pain control and reduction. And in Aesthetics, the combination allows optimizing the postoperative protocols of plastic surgery, in tissue repair, accelerating the recovery process. The device has 1 and 3MHz ultrasound (continuous and pulsed) and currents: Russian, Interferential, Polarized and High Voltage, it emits ultrasound and low or medium frequency electric current, everything necessary to boost treatment results. . It has 59 pre-programmed protocols and another 10 particular protocols, easily visualized on a large graphic display. Get your Sonopulse II now!
The Sonopulse II

<h1>The Sonopulse II</h1>

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ERA 10 cm² (effective area of ​​radiation);
Ultrasound therapy of 1MHz and 3MHz, whose emission can be continuous or pulsed, in the frequencies of 100Hz, 48Hz or 16Hz;
Isolated therapy, any type of electrostimulation current present in the equipment;
Combined therapy: association of the ultrasonic wave with one of the therapeutic currents (Russian, interferential, polarized or High Volt current);
Microcontrolled operating technology;
Blue LCD screen;
Automatic shutdown thermal sensor;
It has 59 pre-programmed protocols and 10 private protocols;
It has 4 output channels: 2 for electrostimulation with Russian current, interferential and polarized, 1 channel where the ultrasonic transducer is connected and 1 output channel for the High Volt current.
Frequency of 1MHz (±5%) / 3MHz (±5%)
Effective area of ​​ultrasonic radiation (ERA): 10cm²
Maximum effective power: 20W
Maximum effective intensity: 2 W/cm²
Modes: continuous or pulsed
Russian current:
Carrier frequency of 2500Hz, R = 50Hz and T: 50% being from 1 to 120 mA (peak to peak)
Interferential current:
Average carrier frequency of 2000Hz, 4000Hz or 8000Hz, Carrier: 4KHz and AMF: 100Hz being from 1 to 120 mA (peak to peak)
polarized current:
Average carrier frequency of 15,000Hz, ranging from 1 to 30mA (peak)
High Volt Current:
R = 250 Hz: 1 to 250V (peak to peak)
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