Thermopulse is an electromedical shortwave diathermy device that generates radiofrequency energy (high frequency at 27.12 MHz) in the form of intentional electromagnetic radiation for the treatment of various pathologies. This type of therapeutic heating has become popular because high frequency currents can penetrate deeper into the tissues, presenting a superior advantage when compared to other methods that warm the tissues in a superficial way. The equipment should only be used under the prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.
How it works
Shortwave diathermy THERMOPULSE is performed by the application of electromagnetic energy through body tissues. The shortwave diathermy device consists of a sine wave generator circuit that produces a current with a frequency of 27.12 MHz and a resonant circuit that can be tuned to exactly the same frequency. THERMOPULSE produces electric fields and magnetic fields with oscillating high frequency currents and it is these alternating fields that produce the electromagnetic field generating the physiological effects and therapeutic benefits. At these frequencies, electromagnetic energy is converted into thermal energy by inducing circulating currents in the insulating tissue. The heating effect produced by shortwave diathermy aids the healing process by generating heat deep into the tissue, resulting in numerous beneficial effects. The application mode of THERMOPULSE can also be pulsed, that is, it allows electromagnetic energy shots to be emitted at pre-programmed intervals of time, minimizing the thermal effect to control pain, edema and accelerate healing.