Thork shock wave

Ibramed presents the electromagnetic shock wave technology, being the first Brazilian company to develop and manufacture this technology. The highest energy in the world market, Thork features the electromagnetic generator and its energy reaches up to 200mJ, being the highest in the world market.
Treatment protocols for aesthetics and rehabilitation with more than 30 pre-programmed protocols for orthopedic and muscular rehabilitation and body and facial aesthetics, all prepared based on scientific evidence.
Thork shock wave

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The equipment has 8 tips in total, 4 stainless steel and 4 plastic. Tip sizes are: 6mm, 15mm, 25mm and 34mm. The stainless steel ones, which reach deeper structures, such as adipose tissue, are indicated for: reduction of adipose tissue;
Decreased degrees of cellulite;
Body reshaping; and
Rehabilitation treatments.
Plastic tips, on the other hand, aim to reach the most superficial layers such as the skin and are used for treatments of:
Body skin sagging; and
Facial rejuvenation.

Ergonomic with high heat-free shooting capability with a variety of facial treatment tips

Technical Characteristics
Power: 100/240V | 50/60Hz;
Energy: 60 to 200mJ;
Frequency: 1 to 22Hz;
Shots: free or from 1 to 9999;
Pulse mode: single or sequential;
Ramp Mode: On and Off;
Particular protocols: 1 to 20;
Pre-programmed protocols: aesthetics (1 to 9) and physical rehabilitation (1 to 25);
Power limits by frequency:
From 60mJ to 90mJ: from 1 to 22Hz;
From 60mJ to 120mJ: from 1 to 19Hz;
From 60mJ to 180mJ: from 1 to 18Hz;
From 60mJ to 200mJ: from 1 to 16Hz.

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