Product description

Capacitive resistive diathermy energy transfer devices.

 Characteristics of the DBR200 system

  • GWC registered patent: Generation Waveform Control 
  • EAC registered patent: Energy Absorbed Control
  • Dynamic Manual Procedure: classic diathermy treatment with coated and uncoated electrode.
  • Static Automatic Procedure: with this type of treatment, adhesive plates are used, whosedimensions and application points are indicated in the protocol and are displayed on the device screen. The various protocols identify working parameters with the corresponding certain energy doses to administer to ensure that the treatment is effective.
  • Large colour display (10 in.).

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  • Mã SP: dbr200
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Technical characteristics 

  • Emission frequencies: 500 - 750 - 1000 kHz; 
  • 3rd generation medical power supply: 300 W;
  • Maximum power: 220 W; 
  • HD electrode output voltage (Cap.): approx. 150 V; 
  • LD electrode output voltage (Res.): approx. 100 V;
  • Capacitance of capacitive electrode: 400 pF;
  • Medical class equipment: II b;
  • Dimensions in mm: 650 x 600 x 1350 (complete with trolley);
  • Weight: 6.5 kg approx. (without trolley);
  • Weight: 46 kg approx. (with trolley).
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