Laser therapy device Lasmik-01

Model Lasmik-01 has two laser channels, frequency is 10,000 Hz.
Lightweight (850g), portable, convenient.

• The frequency range has been extended up to 10 000 Hz.
• For the first time pulsed lasers can securely operate at the frequency of 10 000 Hz.
Convenient, extremely reliable LASMIK® connector with the colour differentiation of the wavelength of lasers.
• Five-year manufacturer’s warranty, including the warranty for all pulsed laser emitting heads.

Laser therapy device Lasmik-01

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  • Modern design and ergonomics.
  • Simple, user-friendly control panel.
  • Two independent channels allow carrying out the procedure for two patients simultaneously.
  • The menu of the device allows you to control both ILBI and laser physiotherapy heads using the most modern techniques.
  • It’s the only laser device with a frequency range up to 10 000 Hz, which allows you to relieve pain and implement new laser therapy techniques in dermatology and neurology.
  • The film keyboard quality of the device guarantees 1,000,000 pressings on any button of the keyboard that means more than 20 years of the continuous work of the device.
  • Continuous, pulsed, modulated, multi-frequency and biosynchronized modes of operation of laser emitting heads are available.
  • Connectors for laser heads are located on the front panel of the device, which makes changing laser heads maximum convenient.
  • Built-in photometer allows controlling the laser power in the range from 365 to 960 nm.
  • Protection against any unauthorized change of the operation mode during the procedure.

All emitting heads have a universal and ultra-reliable TRS 6.35 mm stereo connector, manufactured with the unique 3-wire LASMIK technology.
The connectors and straps of the emitting heads of LASMIK-ILBI device differ in color. Each of the optical ranges of laser illumination (red, blue, green, etc.) correspond to a connector and a strap of a similar color. This allows avoiding mistakes when choosing emitting heads for the procedure and makes working with them maximum convenient.

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