Laser head KL-ILBI-635-2 (red, wavelength 635 nm)

Laser emitting head for intravenous
laser blood illumination (ILBI)
Wavelength - 635 nm.
Colour (spectrum) - red.
Power - 2 mW.

Laser head KL-ILBI-635-2 (red, wavelength 635 nm)

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  • Mã SP: KL-ILBI-635-2
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• The convenient housing (allows easy inserting and removing of the light guide).
• Has a special laser illuminator (it does not have contact with the patient and does not cause negative feelings).
• Optimal dimensions allow using shorter light guides (to 20 cm) while keeping polarization of light.
• A special reliable and durable strap (can be disinfected and sterilized).
• Straps and connectors match the colour (wavelength) of the laser source (to avoid mistakes while choosing the head during the procedure).

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