Winner EVO Stim Machines 2 & 4 Channel Electrotherapy Devices

The electrotherapy options from Richmar range from combination stimulation and ultrasound machines for the clinic, to portable handheld therapeutic lasers. Richmar has manufactured quality electrotherapy machines for over 45 years, and today we continue our history of innovation, bringing new technologies to the rehabilitation market.
Winner EVO Stim Machines 2 & 4 Channel Electrotherapy Devices

<h1>Winner EVO Stim Machines 2 & 4 Channel Electrotherapy Devices</h1>

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The Winner EVO Stim electrotherapy device is perfect for clinics only interested in utilizing electrotherapy within their practice. The Winner EVO Stim maintains the reliability expected from Richmar medical devices by proving over time to be a dependable electrotherapy device, providing years of worry-free stim treatments.

  • Tru-Stim Electrotherapy with Five Electro Stimulation Waveforms On–Board: IFC, Pre Mod, Russian, Hi-Volt, Micro
  • User-Defined Profiles for Commonly Used Electrotherapy Treatments
  • Easily Incorporate Cold Laser and Light Therapy at Initial Purchase, or Easily Upgrade Later
  • StoreMore Therapy Cart is an Available Accessory
  • Included Accessory Holders for Easy Applicator Organization
  • Lead Cord Continuity Tester On-Board Each Winner EVO Stim Unit
  • Proudly Made in USA
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