Electric stimulator Neurodyn III

It is a transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulator designed for physical rehabilitation. It is composed by low frequency alternating currents, such as: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation). Neurodyn III presents 2 output channels with independent controls of intensity, manual stimulus through the exclusive MS key, Blue Light LCD display with soft touch keys and a transport bag. The equipment must be used only under prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.
Electric stimulator Neurodyn III

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Indications: TENS: Symptomatic relief and treatment of chronic pain; Increase of local blood circulation; Symptomatic relief of acute post-traumatic pain; Symptomatic relief of acute post-operative pain. FES: Prevention or treatment of athropy by disuse; Increase of local blood circulation; Muscle re-education; Maintenance or increase of amplitude of movement; Relaxation of muscle spasms. Contraindications: Implanted electronic device (example: cardiac pacemaker, deep brain stimulation device etc.); It must not be used for the symptomatic relief of pain without known etiology, unless the pain syndrome has been diagnosed; In patients suspected of suffering from transmissible infectious diseases and/or in which it is advisable, for medical reasons, to suppress heat or fever; Over the nerves of the carotid sheath, particularly in patients with altered sensitivity to the reflex of the carotid sheath;
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